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Describe How The Design Of Respiratory System Facilitates...

DESCRIBE HOW THE DESIGN OF RESPIRATORY SYSTEM FACILITATES GAS EXCHANGE? SID: Process of respiration involves supply of oxygen to blood cells (oxygen intake) and excretion of carbon dioxide and other waste (CO2 excretion). Purified blood is carried to all parts of the body by blood vessels in order to achieve gaseous exchange at cell level. This process is carried out through a complex system called Respiratory System. Organs which comprise respiratory system include mouth, nasal passage, glottis, trachea, larynx, pharynx, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli and last but not the least lungs. In the following lines, we’ll discuss in details how the structures of respiratory system accomplish exchange of gases. The upper respiratory tract comprises those organs that bring the air in and lower respiratory tract comprises those parts that process the air. Upper respiratory tract starts from the nose and the mouth. They enable the air to enter through external nares (nostrils). Behind the nostrils there are little shelves of bone called nasal conchae (superior, middle and inferior). They divide the nasal cavity into thin passages called meatuses. (Jahangir, 2015). Surface areas of nasal conchae creates turbulence, forcing the air to get bounced in the nasal cavity and increase the surface area of these cavities, thus allowing the mucus to trap the dirt, bacteria and enable only warm, clean and moist air as it passes down to the lungs. (Rogers, 2012) Figure 1. (Abpischools.org.uk,Show MoreRelatedHow The Design Of Respiratory System Facilitates Gas Exchange?1366 Words   |  6 Pages ­Ã‚ ­DESCRIBE HOW THE DESIGN OF RESPIRATORY SYSTEM FACILITATES GAS EXCHANGE? The most vital phenomenon of life is respiration. Without respiration life is impossible. Respiratory System, consisting of a number of organs in human body which is taking the function of respiration. These organs include mouth, nasal passage, glottis, trachea, larynx, pharynx, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli and last but not the least the LUNGS. Other supporting orangs are ribs, intercostal muscles, diagram and cilia. InRead MoreMergers Acquisitions in Pharma Industry21425 Words   |  86 Pagessummary References Chapter Four-Research Methodology 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Primary Research 4.3 Secondary Research 4.4 Sources of Information 4.5 Research design 4.6 Qualitative research 4.7 Exploratory research 4.8 Data Collection Technique 4.8.1 Primary Data 4.8.2 Exploratory Research Design Secondary Data 4.8.3 Computerized Database 4.8.4 The Interview 4.9 Limitations of study References Chapter Five –Factors that support the research ObjectivesRead MoreNon Tariff Barriers to Trade25886 Words   |  104 PagesEUROPE Study prepared by Dr. Hanspeter Tschà ¤ni Dr. Laurence Wiedmer Bureau Arthur Dunkel 56, rue du Stand – CH - 1204 Genà ¨ve Tà ©l  : +41 22 312 48 35 – Fax  : +41 22 312 48 71 E-mail : sti2@iprolink.ch ABBREVIATIONS ASYCUDA Automated System for Customs Data BiH Bosnia and Herzegovina BSEC Black Sea Economic Cooperation CAFAO Customs and Fiscal Office CAM-A/CAM-ES Customs Assistance Mission in Albania and Eastern Croatia CEFTA Central European Free Trade Agreement CEI Central EuropeanRead MoreSexually Transmitted Diseases35655 Words   |  143 PagesReproduction in man 200-201 References 202 Introduction Many people live their lives without having a clue about certain things pertaining to science and its impact on living. They remain dark when it comes on to having an understanding of how the scientific things of this world actually work. This portfolio was done as a means of fulfilling the requirements for the course Science for Living, but it will also prove highly beneficial to any reader that happens to read it. In every sphere ofRead MoreMarketing Project of Reckitt Benckiser19417 Words   |  78 Pages  Reckitt amp; Sons started in 1840 when  Isaac Reckitt  rented a starch mill in  Hull, England.  He diversified into other household products and in due course passed on his business to his four sons. Reckitt amp; Sons was first listed on the  London Stock Exchange  in 1888. In 1938 Reckitt amp; Sons merged with Jamp;J Colman to become Reckitt amp; Colman Ltd.  The company made several acquisitions, including the Airwick and Carpet Fresh brands (1985), the Boyle- Midway division of  American Home Products  (1990)Read MoreMarketing Project of Reckitt Benckiser19403 Words   |  78 Pages  Reckitt amp; Sons started in 1840 when  Isaac Reckitt  rented a starch mill in  Hull, England.  He diversified into other household products and in due course passed on his business to his four sons. Reckitt amp; Sons was first listed on the  London Stock Exchange  in 1888. In 1938 Reckitt amp; Sons merged with Jamp;J Colman to become Reckitt amp; Colman Ltd.  The company made several acquisitions, including the Airwick and Carpet Fresh brands (1985), the Boyle-Midway division of  American Home Products  (1990)Read MoreBackground Inditex, One of the Worlds Largest Fashion Distributors, Has Eight Major Sales Formats - Zara, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home Y Kiddys Class- with 3.147 Stores in 70100262 Words   |  402 Pagesthrough Integrated Product Policy). I am grateful to the Swedish Environme ntal Protection Agency for funding the FLIPP research programme, and for providing the researchers within FLIPP with several valuable opportunities to discuss our research and exchange experiences with policy makers, corporate practitioners and other researchers along the way. I believe that it shows great foresight on behalf of the Swedish EPA that they recognise the need to explore new ways to address the environmental challengesRead More2006 Arroyo Case Study31910 Words   |  128 PagesCommunity Health Center Case Study The Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study was prepared for use in the 2006 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner Preparation Course. The Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study describes a fictitious nonprofit organization in the health care sector. There is no connection between the fictitious Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center and any other organization, either named Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center or otherwise. OtherRead More2006 Arroyo Case Study31910 Words   |  128 PagesFresco Community Health Center Case Study The Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study was prepared for use in the 2006 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner Preparation Course. The Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study describes a fictitious nonprofit organization in the health care sector. There is no connection between the fictitious Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center and any other organization, either named Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center or otherwise. OtherRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 Pages CONTENTS: CASE STUDIES CASE STUDY 1 Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (A): The Role of the Operating Manager in Information Systems CASE STUDY I-1 IMT Custom Machine Company, Inc.: Selection of an Information Technology Platform CASE STUDY I-2 VoIP2.biz, Inc.: Deciding on the Next Steps for a VoIP Supplier CASE STUDY I-3 The VoIP Adoption at Butler University CASE STUDY I-4 Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children’s Health Fund of New York City CASE STUDY I-5

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Raising Minimum Wage - 912 Words

Minimum wage has long been a topic that has brought on many heated debates. It has been said over and over again that minimum wage should be raised. These people say that raising minimum wage only does good for people. However, I, along with many other people, believe this is wrong, and we should instead be making moves to keep minimum wage where it is. Raising minimum wage may provide some positive effects, but those positives only go on to be overwhelmed by the negative effects caused by it. Wages should not be raised because if done so, employment would drop and companies would need to spend and earn more money. If minimum wages were to be raised, employment numbers would drastically drop. This is seen in source one, an article by James†¦show more content†¦This is important as the company faced a financial loss due to this action. They would have to take huge action to earn that money back or just sit back and suffer the effects of that loss. This is also seen in source four, a political cartoon by Ralph Hagen. In this cartoon, a worker is giving a customer his coffee. As he does this, he tells him, â€Å"That’ll be $12.50.† As said earlier, companies who spend more money would need to earn more money. One easy way for companies to earn more money is by raising the price of their products. Eventually, it could get to a very ridiculous point, just like how it was in this cartoon. Usually, coffee is two to four dollars, but in this cartoon, it was said to be over twelve dollars. This reason that this price was so high was probably because that coffee shop had to desper ately earn money due to the fact that they raised their minimum wage. Eventually, the rise of minimum wage in our world could lead to ridiculous prices like this. As a result, companies should not raise their minimum wage as they will suffer many financial problems. The other side argues that raising minimum wage would benefit workers. They say that these workers would be able to earn the money that they would need to help support themselves and their families. This may be true, but minimum wage jobs do something that mostly every other job cannot. They offers workers opportunities, and these opportunities only goShow MoreRelatedRaising The Minimum Wage?1575 Words   |  7 PagesThe issue of raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour is a heavily debated topic. Both sources against or in favor of the minimum wage refer to a â€Å"growing gap† between low-income workers and high-income earners. Sources against the minimum wage believe raising it will increase this gap, whereas those in favor of the minimum wage believe it will decrease this gap. The arguments in favor of the minimum wage rely mostly on ethical beliefs, such as â€Å"pay should reflect hard work,† to advanceRead MoreRaising The Minimum Wage888 Words   |  4 Pages Raising the Minimum Wage The employment effect of the minimum wage is one of the most studied topics in all economics. Today, the debate over raising the minimum wage has been a hot topic after President Obama explained in his 2014 State of the Union address that he intends to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour, an increase of over 40 percent. While the President and his supporters claim that this increase would greatly benefit the economy and result in growing the businessesRead MoreRaising The Minimum Wage?1122 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Raise the wage!† reads many protestors’ signs across America. Many people believe this to be the answer to the financial inequality that plagues our country. The federal minimum wage was established to keep workers from settling on a poor living standard (Leonard A.11). Since this was passed, multiple debates and issues have risen. One begins to ask the question, is this truly the best way to resolve the unequal distribution of wealth? Aft er research, it has been found that there are many drawbacksRead MoreRaising The Minimum Wage?870 Words   |  4 PagesThe topic of raising the minimum wage has many different viewpoints. It is thought to be affected negatively and positively. Some believe it increases unemployment and poverty. Others believe it creates jobs, helps the economy and low-income families by giving them more money to give back to the economy. Doug Hall, director of the Economic Analysis and Research Network and David Cooper, Economic Analyst at the Economic Policy Institute, expressed how the increase in minimum wage affects certainRead MoreRaising The Minimum Wage1979 Words   |  8 PagesResearch Raising the minimum wage can result in job losses due to lower profits for businesses. It can also potentially decrease employee hours by changing them from full time to part time. Additionally, it may reduce the full time benefits that they receive. If this were to happen, then the employees affected will actually be earning less than they did before the increase. For example, from the Article Maximum Divide on Minimum Wage (Mejeur, 2014), they state, â€Å"Labor costs are the largest shareRead MoreRaising The Minimum Wage?2447 Words   |  10 PagesThe minimum wage is defined as the lowest compensation, by law, which an employer may pay his or her employees. In the United States, this monetary value is set by a collection of laws on the federal, state, and local levels. While state and local governments may choose to observe a higher minimum wage than the national minimum wage, the federal government ultimately controls the income of the nation’s lowest-earning employees. At the federal level, the minimum wage was last raised in 2009, fromRead MoreRaising The Minimum Wage? Essay1217 Words   |  5 PagesThe minimum wage is one of the most discussed issues around the country. Everyone has a different opinion if raising the minimum wage would help families across the country to have a better lifestyle or if would cause an unbalance in the economy. Democrats and Republicans have a different view on this issue, while Democrats supports raising the minimum wage by $15 an hour, Republicans have stated that they refuse increasing the wage because it would leave different factions of Americans outside ofRead MoreEffect Of Raising Minimum Wage1215 Words   |  5 PagesEffects of Raising Minimum Wage The minimum wage in this country has been a controversial issue. Many people believe it will help reduce poverty and boost the economy. However, they are not looking at the downfalls this will bring to our country. This could make the unemployment population rise, it will raise prices of other things, and would have little effect on reducing poverty. Raising the minimum wage would have a negative influence on our country. This movement throughout our countryRead MoreRaising The Federal Minimum Wage889 Words   |  4 Pages In my report, I will go into detail and show how raising the federal minimum wage would positively effect the economy. In doing so, I will be discussing how an increase in the federal minimum wage would make a vast improvement on the way many low income families live, and also how raising the federal minimum wage would boost the economy as it desperately needs. In raising the federal minimum wage, one might argue that it would cause a spike in the unemployment rate. The reasoning is that it wouldRead MoreThe Benefits Of Raising The Minimum Wage1656 Words   |  7 Pagesto be should the minimum wage be raised or should it be lowered or eliminated altogether. From where I stand minimum wage should be raised. Everyone is more successful when people are paid a living wage. Changes to the minimum wage would strengthen the economy and business, Lift Americans out of poverty, and will be unlikely to significantly impact prices. The only way to grow the economy in a way that benefits 90% is to change the structure of the economy. Paying people a fair wage is a sign of respect

Advancing market strategy in the marketing discipline - Myassignmenthe

Question: Discuss about the Advancing market strategy in the marketing discipline. Answer: Introduction This report is accompanied by the several marketing strategies, goals and objectives for the particular organization. In this report, the case study has been evaluated to determine the goals and marketing strategy for Edu Park. This report reflects the key understanding on the marketing concept of newly established business. There are several internal and external factors which may affect the set goals, marketing decision and value chain activities of the EDU Park. In this report, two main questions have been answered. First is related to setting the goals, objectives, and strategies for new Edu Park and second is related to implementing proper marketing strategies. Description of the Edu Park With the changes in economic and people inclination towards the advanced services, Mr. Ahmad has set up new Edu Park for the children. It provides benefits to children in their learning and amusement. This Edu Park is being incorporated with an objective to impart proper education to children with the special needs so that they could learn advanced skills and plays games as well. This Edu Park is set up in the best interest of the children so that they could learn and play together in determined approach (Kiseleva, 2017). Formulate overall goals, objectives and tactics for the newly set up Edu Park Goals of Edu Park The main goal of Edu Park is providing the special education and training for children with the special needs. Impart the skills to children with the special needs with the implemented program and activities in Edu Park (Ku, 2017). Objectives of Edu Park Assigning children in learning and playing together. Creating strong brand image in peoples mind. Aligning learning and playing together for the betterment of the children. Mission The new mission of Edu Park is to provide the best quality of services to children for their better career. It has set his mission to provide its Edu Park services to more than 25000 children in the year (Hunt, 2017). Analysis of set goals and objectives Each and every organization sets goals and objective in their business to give proper meaning to value chain activities. It is observed that goals and objectives of Edu Park could be described in a SMART way (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). Overall goal- It is set for providing the special education and training to children with the special needs. Particular Description Specific Proving training and education to at least 25000 children in the year (Gilmore, Gallagher, and Henry, 2007). This training will increase the overall benefits to children. Measurable It could be measured by using data effective mechanism to evaluate the current and future children visit (Dominici, 2009).This would increase the overall outcomes for children in their learning. Achievable Total 25,000 children could be benefited by this newly implemented learning program to children. Nonetheless, estimation is based on the competitors offering and their market share. Relevant Adding new enterprises resources planning and advanced technology will increase the learning outcomes of the children. This new system will help in the establishment of automation in business function of Edu Park. Timely These set standards will be achieved by the Mr. Ahmad within one year (Tonks, 2009). However, project escalation time margin of 3 months could also be considered. These above-given objectives and goals of the Edu Park could be achieved by the Mr. Ahmad by implementing proper organizational working process. It is observed that with the increasing complexity of the Edu Park, management needs to change its business process (Davenport and Short, 2010). Strategies for achieving set objectives and goals of Edu Park There are several strategies for achieving set objectives and goals of Edu Park such as installing advanced cyber computing system, bifurcation of a department and their general objectives. For instance, there will be different line managers and department which will do their special assigned task. It will not only make easy for the Edu Park to implement proper strategic program but also provide the effective training to children in determined (Austin, et al. 2016). The strategic program to achieve the set goals is related to dividing the set objectives in sub-objectives. It will give proper sub goals to sub-departments to run their value chain activities effectively. This could be done by implementing proper objective tree program which helps another department of Edu Park to identify the strategies required to reach a goal (Gibb, 2014). The main problem which MR. Ahmed may face in setting up new Edu Park could be related to finance. In order to run the activities of Edu Park effectively, bank loan and government support and subsidiaries could be taken. In addition to this, in order to increase the overall effectiveness of the implemented program, Edu Park could use advanced technologies. It will not only increase the childrens understanding but also increase their learning process (Al-Debi, El-Haddadeh and Avison, 2008). After evaluating the all the details, it could be inferred that strategies of Edu Park should be designed after considering the internal and external factors of busienss. It is analysed that Edu Park has been incorporated to provide best level of training program to children irrespective of the profit amount. Nonetheless, with the ramified changes in economic changes, Edu Park should adopt new advanced cyber computing system to adapt with the changing environment. It will help children to learn new advanced technologies and play together (Eshuis, et al, 2017). These above set marketing strategies, goals and strategies are linked to each others. However, the main clients of Edu Park are children. Therefore, the MR. Ahmed would have to focus on children first then it has to design its newly set park Marketing concept of the Edu Park The marketing is the essential step in setting up new business. It not only helps to attract people towards the new business set up in a market but also builds up the strong brand image. The marketing concept assists company to identify the need of their clients and then implements the proper strategic program to satisfy their needs and demand in the proper manner (Cravens and Piercy, 2013). The marketing concept assists Edu Park to implement proper marketing strategies and make the bifurcation in the clients choices and demand in determined approach. The marketing concept of company revolves around the mainly following points. What do clients want? What type of services do clients want to achieve? How can the organization achieve the certain goals and objective? These above-given points are the key pillar for setting up effective marketing concept for the Edu Park. It is designed to implement a proper marketing strategic program and customization of the Edu Park for the betterment of childrens learning program and implement attractive services for the children having special needs (Slater, et al. 2010). It is evaluated that when Edu Park wants to adopt the marketing concept then they need to typically set up separate marketing department whose goals and objective would be to satisfy the client's needs and demand in a market. However, Edu Park could also give this work to its sales department. The marketing strategies of Edu Park are related to collecting the required data from the clients and helps in customization of the services for the betterment of the children. It is evaluated that Edu Park is incorporated to impart training and new learning to children so that they could learn advanced skills and plays games as well. However, the marketing concept of the Edu Park focuses on attracting the children in the market towards the Edu Park and how Edu Park could be more valuable to them. The marketing concept of the Edu Park relies upon marketing research to define the market segments, their size, needs and valuable services offered by rivals in the market. It assists in collecting the required data from a guardian of parents. It helps in customization of the Edu Park as per the children's interest and their educational development as well. The marketing strategies are taken by the marketing managers of Edu Park on the basis of data collected by the sales team in determined approach (Chimhanzi, 2004). Edu Park Could implement the long-term forward-looking approach to plans its Edu Park achieve the competitive advantage in the market. The strategic planning involves an analysis of the company's strategic initial situation which comes before formulation, evaluation implementation of the strategic program. Marketing strategies Use of cyber computing system to promote Edu Park online Conducting seminars and events to attract the clients Focus on using social media and other promotional methods such as monkey survey and questionnaires (Leonidou Katsikeas and Samiee, 2012). Customization of the services and Edu Park as per the childrens choices. Objective of the marketing strategies of company The main marketing strategies of Edu Park are to achieve the certain level of turnover and impart an effective education learning program to children. This marketing concept would also help management of Edu Park to customize the park concept and training process for the children with the special needs. These objectives are set for the effectively implemented program and providing the best benefit to the children with the special needs (Neely, 2012). It is considered that Edu Park needs to implement the proper strategic program to design its Edu park services as per the children interest needs and values. It is considered that the marketing concept of Edu Park is based on the mainly following points such as customization of the services, internal and external factors and guardian choices of children. The Edu Park needs to evaluate what kind of education program and learning could be imparted to children which not only their learning but also plays important role in their amusement program. The marketing strategies of Park would start from collecting data from the guardian of children and choice, interest and inclination of children towards the park. After that, proper methods and programs should be designed to attract clients in the market. Afterward, the implementation of the designed marketing strategies would be done to communicate with the clients. This process also helps in build-up strong brand image in the market. There ar e several marketing methods which could be undertaken by Edu Park to collect the required data and implement the new strategic program such as visiting schools, advertisement through the breaks on televisions and using normal texting process to communicate with the clients (Armstrong, et al. 2015). The Edu Park is mainly established to help children with the special needs to learn a play together. Nowadays, children are more stuck in reading and playing games on electronic gadgets. Therefore, they will have to establish the particular Edu Park process which could render more outcomes to children. Conclusion It is considered that when a new business is set up, the entrepreneur analyses all the internal and external factors to make business more attractive to a client. After evaluating all the details and case study, it is inferred that Mr. Ahmed needs to implement customization strategic program to attract clients towards his newly incorporated business. However, the main goal of Edu Park is to impart the training program for children and simultaneously arranging games for them. The objectives of Edu Park are highly based on providing best possible benefits to the children with the special needs in the market. Nonetheless, deployment of the advanced technologies and system program in Edu Park will also play important role in providing effective learning program for the children with the special needs in the market. Now, in the end, it could be inferred that Edu Park firstly needs to focus on children and then guardian choices and demand will also be taken into consideration. This Edu Par k will be the high attractive destination for the children. References Al-Debi, M.M., El-Haddadeh, R. and Avison, D., 2008. Defining the business model in the new world of digital business.AMCIS 2008 Proceedings, p.300. Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M. and Brennan, R., 2015.Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. Austin, J., Stevenson, H., and Wei?Skillern, J., 2016. Social and commercial entrepreneurship: same, different, or both?.Entrepreneurship theory and practice,30(1), pp.1-22. Chaffey, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, F., 2016.Digital marketing. Prentice Hall. Charter, M. ed., 2017.Greener marketing: A responsible approach to business. Routledge. Chimhanzi, J., 2004. The impact of marketing/HR interactions on marketing strategy implementation.European Journal of Marketing,38(1/2), pp.73-98. Cravens, D.W. and Piercy, N., 2013.Strategic marketing(Vol. 8). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Irwin. Davenport, T.H. and Short, J.E., 2010. The new industrial engineering: information technology and business process redesign. Dominici, G., 2009. From marketing mix to e-marketing mix: a literature overview and classification. Eshuis, J., Braun, E., Klijn, E.H. and Zenker, S., 2017. The differential effect of various stakeholder groups in place marketing.Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, p.2399654417726333. Gibb, A.A., 2014. Enterprise culture and education: Understanding enterprise education and its links with small business, entrepreneurship and wider educational goals.International small business journal,11(3), pp.11-34. Gilmore, A., Gallagher, D. and Henry, S., 2007. E-marketing and SMEs: operational lessons for the future.European Business Review,19(3), pp.234-247. Hunt, S.D., 2017. Advancing marketing strategy in the marketing discipline and beyond: from the promise, to neglect, to prominence, to fragment (to promise?). Journal of Marketing Management, pp.1-36. Kiseleva, A.M., 2017. The marketing strategy of the territory in the investment policy of the city. Strategic Management,22(1), pp.22-29. Ku, P.W., 2017. Marketing Strategy of Stainless Steel ProductsA Case of Y Company. Leonidou, L.C., Katsikeas, C.S. and Samiee, S., 2012. Marketing strategy determinants of export performance: a meta-analysis.Journal of Business research,55(1), pp.51-67. Neely, A. ed., 2012.Business performance measurement: theory and practice. Cambridge University Press. Slater, S.F., Hult, G.T.M. and Olson, E.M., 2010. Factors influencing the relative importance of marketing strategy creativity and marketing strategy implementation effectiveness.Industrial Marketing Management,39(4), pp.551-559. Tonks, D.G., 2009. Validity and the design of market segments.Journal of marketing management,25(3-4), pp.341-356.

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The Role Ofreligion And Morality In Cats Cradle Essay Example For Students

The Role Ofreligion And Morality In Cats Cradle Essay As an author, Kurt Vonnegut has received just about every kind of praise an author can receive: his works held the same sway over American philosophy as did those of Jack Kerouac or J.R.R. Tolkein; his writing has received acclaim from academics and the masses alike; and three of his books have been made into feature films. Society has permanently and noticeably been altered by his writing. Through accessible language and easily-understood themes, Vonnegut has created works subtle, engrossing, and familiar. His main method for doing this is by exploiting a theme with which everyone is familiar and about which everyone has his own opinion: religion. We will write a custom essay on The Role Ofreligion And Morality In Cats Cradle specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Not many people are more qualified to explore this theme than Vonnegut. He was born in 1922 on Armistice Day (November 11), a holiday celebrating peace, in Indianapolis. His family was moderately wealthy until the onset of the Great Depression, when they lost everything. In 1944, Vonneguts mother committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. Soon afterwards, he joined the army and fought in the Second World War. Vonnegut was captured as a POW and kept prisoner in Dresden. Soon after his capture, Dresden, an entirely civilian town, was bombed heavily. Vonnegut survived the bombing, came home, and became a writer. His first book, Player Piano, received very little notice at the time it was written, 1952. When he published Sirens of Titan in 1959, it also was largely ignored. In 1969, Vonnegut published Slaughterhouse Five, which was an immediate commercial and academic success. Slaughterhouse Fives success brought attention to his other works, and though Vonnegut was not as popula r after the 60s, he continued to publish successful books (http://www.duke.edu/crh4/vonnegut/). Vonneguts works have been classified as science fiction, but that hardly does them justice. His works are significantly influenced by that genre, but contain strikingly relevant commentaries about contemporary American society which set him apart from other science-fiction writers. His use of science fiction draws a humorous contrast between the all-important significance of the nature of the universe and of reality, and the insignificance of human life and society. All of his works emphasize the enormous forces acting on his characters, not the least of which is fate. As his writing progressed and matured, this stylistic nuance became more and more evident. In his book Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut describes his own style by means of Tralfamadorians, an alien race for whom time is nonexistent, and whose literature reflects this:Each clump of symbols is a brief, urgent message describing a situation,a scene. We Tralfamadorians read them all at once, not one after the oth-er. There isnt any particular relationship between all the messages ex-cept that the author has chosen them carefully, so that, when seen all at once, they produce an image of life that is beautiful and surprising and deep. There is no beginning, no middle, no end, no suspense, no moral, no causes, no effects. What we love in our books are the depths of many marvelous moments seen all at one time (88). Indeed, Vonnegut has dismissed temporal continuity in his writing, and has thus eliminated suspense. Characters are often aware of their own inevitable destiny, as in The Sirens of Titan, and are helpless to stop it from coming to pass. Vonnegut makes it clear that modern society is much like this people can see where theyre headed, but are too powerless or apathetic to prevent it. In his book Cats Cradle, Vonnegut mocks peoples mindless, apathetic acceptance of their fates by portraying a situation in which unimaginably powerful forces toss around people desperate to escape them. He presents civilizations attempt to commit suicide (Hocus Pocus, 72), the atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima, and ends the book with all of the water on earth freezing as the result of a substance called ice-nine, and thus civilization successfully committing suicide. Ironically, the man who created the atomic bomb also created ice-nine, a man not diabolically evil, but merely absent-minded. In this, Vonnegut portrays not only the amazing influence the forces of the universe have on us, but also the influence a select few of us have on the forces of the universe. .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da , .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da .postImageUrl , .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da , .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da:hover , .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da:visited , .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da:active { border:0!important; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da:active , .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u448aff7148bc4c2452c2b70ef171a0da:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Heart Of Darkness - Cruelty EssayIn Cats Cradle, Vonnegut describes an amazingly intricate means by which to accept the the whims of the universe. It is a parody of religion, and is what religion would be if it were stripped of all ritual and dogma. It is called Bokononism, and it reveals just how human it is to permit fate to have its way, and just how futile it is to fight against it. The basic tenet of Bokononism, according to Vonnegut, is that people should live by whatever foma (harmless untruths) make them happy. People, according to Bokononism, should do this so that fate seems much less prevalent in their lives, and so that they feel that their own free will is the main force in their lives. Vonnegut argues that such self-deception is one of the most integral aspects of humanity (Understanding Kurt Vonnegut, 53-65). Cats Cradle was published in 1963, at a time in American history when free will seemed to be the only force guiding anyone. People were tired of war, and tired of the threat of war. People were on the verge of losing faith in government. It is in this environment that Vonnegut put forth his attack on religion and on the human situation. The thought of ice-nine was just about as frightening as the very real threat of nuclear attack, so people could easily relate to Cats Cradles plot. Vonnegut describes government in Cats Cradle as effective only when an enemy exists, and he portrays Bokononism as governments enemy. When the tension between good and evil is high, says Vonnegut, the people can be kept happy and under control. When the line separating them becomes blurred, people quickly become disillusioned and rebellious. Though Vie tnam, in which the line between good and evil was almost nonexistent, did not bring about the end of civilization, domestic rebelliousness did alter American life, just as Vonnegut predicted. In this particular instance, Bokononism can be likened to Communism the perpetual enemy perceived, perhaps wrongly, to be the most dangerous force in the world. Cats Cradle is not the only one of Vonneguts works which has such an undertone of angst and urgency; indeed, it is one of the defining features of his work. The tension between the forces acting on the human race is higher than it has ever been, and if one force should give way, life as we know it will end. The only way to carry on is to convince ones self that life is not this treacherous, and that each individual can affect the outcome. This, according to Vonnegut, is the most necessary foma of all, and it might be able to save civilization. English Essays

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Southport Minerals essays

Southport Minerals essays Southport Minerals, Inc. is the largest sulphur producer in the United States. Due to a shortening of supply over the past few years Southport has enjoyed enormous profits and is extremely liquid with a debt/equity ratio of .02. Currently sulphur production accounts for 90% of Southports revenue. The company is searching for non-acquisition diversification opportunities. Southport has been presented with the opportunity to develop a copper mine in Indonesia. Increased uses of copper and rising copper prices have led Southport to consider this opportunity. However, the location of the copper mine, and the political environment in Indonesia are risks that must be considered. The company has acquired the proper financing to proceed with the project. However, they must decide how to discount the cash flows to determine if the project is acceptable. Southport has decided to proceed with the project under a subsidiary (Southport Indonesia). Several reasons support the choice of creating a subsidiary rather than doing business as the current corporation. First, the translation of foreign currency must be considered. If operating under one corporate entity each transaction must be translated. This would lead to a degree of discrepancies, creating confusion. Also, differences in tax and accounting regulations are a consideration. Foreign countries have different accounting systems and tax plans. Therefore, two sets of book would be needed to reconcile foreign and domestic statements. Third a separate entity, creates shelter against political risk. The parent company is protected from political turmoil inside the foreign country. Southport has already had property expropriated in Cuba. The board is very wary of any future foreign risks. Any protection that Southport can guarantee the board will help sell the position. In order to avoid potential distortions caused by foreign currency conversion, Southport should co...

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Cats Cradle Reflection

Society makes something up and pretends it’s something it’s not. For instance, religion says it has all the answer, but when it is examined closer, nothing is really there. † Throughout Vonnegut’s book â€Å"Cat’s Cradle,† Jonah exposes many examples of why he does not believe in Christianity or any other religion besides the one religion he established, Bokononism. I personally see where Jonah is coming from, the fact that there are statements in the old testament that we do not follow even though they may be stated more that once. Although, there are a couple of things that I agree on with Jonah and Bokononism; I concur with Liana Price’s Essay on â€Å"Understanding Religion Through Cat’s Cradle. † As stated in Cat’s Cradle earlier in the book; the old testament states expectations for Christians that are not even being considered and people are living around these â€Å"rules. † Vonnegut himself is a Humanist; he is not sure of God’s existence but values life above all else. Even though he does state in his latest novel Timequake that people need religion as something to turn on for comfort and support. I agree on this statement, I believe that humans need someone to think about, talk to, and to unconsciously ask favors too. Atheists are people who do not believe in the existence of any divine beings. Even though this is supposed to be their actual belief they still swear to God. Which to me personally sounds like they need someone to blame for. There are many reasons why people don’t â€Å"believe† in any divine beings but unconsciously they somehow do. Newt’s father and brother serve as an example in this novel of the scientific views of religion. Which is surprising being that technically Newt’s father did invent the atomic bomb that killed thousands of people and he is referred as â€Å" so innocent he was practically a Jesus. † How in the world is a man who killed thousands referred to as Jesus when in reality Jesus was killed to save thousands? This is oxymoronic; which is one of the reasons on why I disagree with Cat’s Cradle. Julian who calls himself a Bokononist because he agrees that all religions are lies which is what Bokononism is. He fits as a Bokononist because he recognizes that the need for religion is necessary to make someone feel better whether it is scientific, truthful or not. Ice Nine is a method of being able to freeze all bodies of water which are oceans , lakes, rivers, etc. Ice Nine was invented by Felix Hoenikker and his invention also has effect on humans. As soon as it touches human skin or has contact with the inside of the body all blood turns into ice and the person dies instantaneously. Bokonon gets trapped by the people of San Lorenzo and they tell him what God has done and ask what they should do. Bokonon wanting the easy way out, tells the people that God was surely trying to kill them. Bokonon wanted to give them a simple way out so he told them to touch the Ice Nine and their blood froze and they instantaneously died. Although, Bokonon being a genius himself did not take his own advice, because he knew it was worthless. Overall, Vonnegut is a great writer and can express himself in a very unique way that I admire. Although I do disagree with his book Cat’s Cradle. Bokononism is the religion of the belief that all religions are based on lies and people don’t need God. The people of San Lorenzo were targeted to become Bokononists and practice Bokonon’s beliefs. They ended up losing their lives because they believed that God was trying to kill them. I agree with most of the reflection of Liana Price about Bokononism.

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French commentators often see in 'republican values' a universal path Essay

French commentators often see in 'republican values' a universal path towards modernity. Define these values in the french context and comment - Essay Example Although it was often called into question, it finally established itself under the Third Republic6. It was written into the 1958 Constitution7 and is part nowadays of the French national heritage. Linked by Fà ©nelon8 at the end of the 17th century, the notions of liberty, equality and fraternity became more widespread during the Age of Enlightenment. At the time of the French Revolution, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" was one of the many mottoes in use. In December 1790, Robespierre9 advocated in a speech on the organization of the National Guards10 that the words "The French People" and "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" be written on uniforms and flags, but his proposal was rejected. From 1793 onwards, Parisians, soon to be imitated by the inhabitants of other cities, painted the following words on the faà §ades of their houses: "Unity, indivisibility of the Republic; liberty, equality or death". But they were soon asked to erase the phrases final part as it was too closely associated with the Terror... 11 This motto fell into disuse under the Empire, like many revolutionary symbols. It reappeared during the Revolution of 184812 marked with a religious dimension: priests celebrated the "Christ-Fraternità ©" and blessed the trees of liberty that were planted at the time. When the Constitution of 1848 was drafted, the motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" was defined as a "principle" of the Republic. Discarded under the Second Empire13, this motto finally established itself under the Third Republic, although some people still objected to it, including partisans of the Republic: solidarity was sometimes preferred to equality which implies a levelling of society, and the Christian connotation of fraternity was not accepted by everyone. This motto was inscribed again on the pediments of public buildings on the occasion of the celebration of 14 July 1880. It